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Post & Beam Timber Frame

Ecoframes can engineer and/ or supply everything from complex softwood timber frames to beautiful hardwood timber-frame buildings.
These hardwood timber frames are traditionally constructed with pegged mortise and tenon joints and may be made from UK sourced FSC-Certified Green Oak or Douglas Fir from suppliers who have a proven management and replanting scheme -  demanding high sustainability standards is essential for the future of our industry.

At the heart of the frame making process are the frame designers who not only design the ‘look’ of the frame, but also the numerous joints that hold the structure together.

Our in-house post and beam timber frame designer has a thorough understanding of the specialist software on which the frame is designed, and also extensive knowledge of oak framing, their in-depth knowledge of the frame is valuable in both the fabrication and the erection processes and the designer may well help guide its progress through the workshop and go on site with the frame to assist in it’s erection.

When a contract has been signed our frame designer will start work on the project. They will be given a thorough brief from the sales person. It is important that all parties are clear at this stage as to what is expected in the frame design. Mistakes or omissions caused by mis-understandings can cause delays, sometimes at a cost to one or all parties. That is why we communicate at the beginning of the design stage with the client to ascertain whether anything has changed since the signing of the contract. Throughout the design stage the frame designer will keep in contact, asking questions where necessary to clarify design issues. As the design progresses all structural issues of sizes, loading, spans and jointing will be addressed. Depending on the size and complexity of the structure, this process may take on average between a week and a month although in some extreme cases it may take a little longer. Once the designs are finished copies of the design are sent to the client to be ‘signed off’. We encourage the client to visit our offices for the designer to fly them through their frame. Any amendments required can then quickly be talked through.

Once we have received signed off copies of the frame it will be jointed by the designer and then passed on for checking by another designer. When finally satisfied the drawings are sent to an independent structural engineer who undertakes the structural calculations. A copy of these calculations and approval will be passed on to the client as these will be required for building control. The designer will then swiftly convert the design frame drawings into machine files and compile a set of fully dimensioned fabrication drawings for the workshop. At the same time a timber-cutting list is produced and sent to the factory for production to commence.

With an experienced team of carpenters, we create individual frames of superb quality using time honoured construction methods. Green Oak is predominantly used, but Ecoframes can also use Douglas Fir, Larch, Chestnut or any other timber to create excellent timber frames to individual requirements. These frames are then in-filled or wrapped with energy efficient engineered timber panels.Therefore achieving the dual benefit of attractive exposed post and beams  for a healthy, efficient and environmentally friendly home.