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Cyprus Timber Frame Villa

Cyprus Timber Frame Home

Cyprus Timber Frame Home

Ecoframes Timber Frame Exports

Why build a Timber Frame Home?

Traditionally new homes on the mediteranean have been built with concrete or masonry, it is time consuming, quality and accuracy can be an issue and the environmental impact is is very large. These concrete homes are also expensive to heat and keep cool as they simply absorb the heat during the day and release it at night.

Engineered timber buildings – composite/ solid timber frame with timber frame roof and internal structure, engineered timber floors, plasterboard and external plaster or stone skimmed buildings are much easier to keep cool and cost hardly anything to heat in the winter (whereas concrete builds simply turn into cool boxes in the winter and cost much more to keep warm).

Ecoframes Timber Frame export their Timber Frame Solutions to a number of countries and locations throughout Europe and the rest of the world, including Cyprus, France and Spain.

If you are interested in the export of our products please contact us  where we will be happy to discuss your requirements 


Ecoframes can also offer:-

  • Standard Designs from our exclusive range
  • Bespoke Designs working with a local Architect
  • Project Management – full build 
  • Planning Permission/ Licenses
  • UK Building Regulation compliance
  • Passivhaus compliance
  • Code for Sustainable Homes compliance
  • Integrated Renewables
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